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Best Cooking Utensils to Buy in 2018


If you’re stocking a new kitchen or you’re upgrading to better equipment, it’s wise to choose quality products that will do a good job and last a long time. And if they look good while you’re using them, that’s an added bonus.

While not everyone cooks the same foods, and not everyone has the same cooking skills, there are some tools that just about everyone needs in the kitchen, no matter what’s being served. Whether you’re looking for something that stirs, preps, measures, or serves, there are tools that are just right for you.

Stainless Steel Spatula

Three is better than one when it comes to something as useful as spatulas, and this set includes three pieces you’ll reach for over and over. It includes a medium silicone spatula, a silicone spoon spatula and a small silicone spatula.

The medium spatula is designed for stirring, scraping bowls and pots, and pushing batter into the corners of bake ware. The spoon spatula has a shallow bowl that makes it perfect for scooping and transferring ingredients from bowl to pot, while it’s also great stirring. The small spatula is surprisingly useful for stirring small amounts or for scraping the last bits of mayonnaise from the jar.

These are heat resistant to 600 degrees and dishwasher safe. They’re safe for all nonstick cookware and bake ware and won’t discolor, warp, or melt.

Flexible Silicone Turners

While all-metal turners are still being sold, flexible silicone turners are becoming more popular since they can be used in nonstick pans without worrying about scratching. This large turner can handle a big burger or a pancake with ease and is flexible enough to sneak under cookies, even if they’re a little close together. The handle has the standard OXO soft grip that’s easy to hang onto.


Wooden spoons might seem old-school, but they’re still very useful in the kitchen. The handles won’t get warm while you’re stirring a hot soup, and they’re safe for use in nonstick cookware and bake ware. They look good for kitchen use or for serving, and these are made from eco-friendly bamboo that’s stronger and more durable that spoons made from traditional wood. It’s also bacteria-resistant and resistant to cracking and swelling.

Since wooden utensils are so handy, you’ll probably want more than one piece, and this set has just what you need. It includes a solid spoon, a slotted spoon, a spatula, a curved spatula and a spork, along with a utensil holder to keep them all together on your counter. These should be washed by hand.

Can Opener

Everyone needs a can opener, because, let’s face it, there’s no other reasonable way to get cans opened in the kitchen. This manual can opener locks easily onto cans of all sizes and the smooth-turning stainless steel cutting mechanism makes fast work of that can of tomato sauce and it won’t rust or corrode.

This can opener is easy to hold onto, with a soft-grip handle. It has a magnet that holds onto the lid and a lever that releases it easily for safe disposal — you never need to touch it! This should not be immersed in water, just wipe clean by hand.

A can opener might be one of those tools that you won’t think much about until you need one, but in the end, you’ll definitely need one. This can opener cuts the can lid without leaving a sharp edge, and the lid gripper hangs onto the lid for safe disposal. The opener can be used either right- or left-handed or it has a soft-grip handle that is designed to be less tiring to hold.

Best Stainless Woks

Every wok has experienced the trial of setting up a fundamental panfry feast, utilizing precisely the same, oils and seasonings. Warming and cooking procedures were utilized by every wok’s capacity. Meaning, an electric wok clearly cannot be tried on a gas stove or flame broil, so as a rule we utilized gas or propane stoves. We would have tried woks that are equipped for use on other warming sources (i.e. coal, start shooting, electric, and so forth.) under those conditions with a specific end goal to get the full range, however we needed to be reasonable and were under time limitations. Here is a complete list of woks which you can use in your home and these woks are durable cheap and best. Look at the best Best Woks 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews and buy the best one.


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